Be on set, from anywhere

Fast, private, plug and play streaming solutions for the film industry

StreemU provides turnkey streaming solutions for the film industry.

We offer rental packages and custom installations to suit any production. Our service is speedy, secure and simple to operate.

Rent StreemU for your next production.

A low latency, reliable and secure video platform.

Ultra low latency streaming direct from your film set to remote production crew.


A private cloud server is dedicated to your production. Video is received over a fully encrypted VPN and all viewer traffic is secured. No audio-visual content is saved, all media is passed directly to the end user and discarded from our servers.

Ultra Low Latency

Our end to end network design and management ensures fast high quality streaming with latency from camera to remote browser measured in milliseconds.

Plug and Stream

Simply rent the StreemU unit, plug in your cameras on set and we do the rest. No configuration required! Easily invite the rest of your crew via email.


Designed and built in Australia by film industry professionals who understand your needs. Our real time network management team can assist with any issues you may run into on the day.

Built from the ground up.

StreemU is a complete solution integrating the latest hardware, networking and cloud services enabling remote directors to take control of the action – switching cameras, recording, viewing and commenting on clips.

Turnkey Design

Our road case contains everything you need on set and our cloud service seamlessly delivers media to your remote and on set users.


Our robust end to end service ensures we control the process to provide your stream all day uninterrupted. Our network management team has remote visibility at all times in the event you need some help and we are only ever a phone call away.


Forget additional monitors and cabling for set based personnel, StreemU easily distributes the shoot via integrated wifi to any device.

Stream anywhere with StreemU.
"‘StreemU is great! So simple to use and essentially does everything itself’"
Blake Wise
Freelance Video Assist