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NO. StreemU is a simple plug & play device offering set & forget streaming. 


With minimal training we’re confident you will be able to manage the system yourself.  For more complex jobs we are happy to provide you with an operator at additional cost.

ONE. Each StreemU can accept 4x SDI inputs simultaneously in all 720 & 1080p formats (PAL & NTSC friendly). Easily stream & switch between 1, 2 or 4 camera feeds.

$900 fixed. The cost of data is included in the hire price, we have no hidden or unforecasted charges.

YES. StreemU automatically syncs sound over your camera’s SDI feed OR its built in 3.5mm analogue input from your sound recordist, and distributes with sound to ANY device (Android, IOS, Mac, Windows, Linux).

StreemU is an online service so we NEED cell service & we have several novel solutions . 

Talk to us today about our your problems, we’re confident we’ll keep your stream alive.

YES. Security is a high priority and StreemU uses the latest encryption technology. StreemU additionally creates a dedicated VPN for each production & no content is saved in the cloud.

StreemU can record, playback & label each scene/take, add notes & export a summary to PDF.

StreemU is optimized for the lowest latency available, typical delay ranges between 0.5 – 2 secs & is a result of the available cell service.

StreemU comes with built-in WiFi for use at distances of 10-15 lineal metres. We can easily add a further 3x antennas to increase WiFi coverage to circa 0.5km2.

Our team is made up of networking professionals as well as filmmakers, so we are confident that we can get you streaming from your location sets.  Call us to discuss the options available.

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